How Worship Should Be

Hello, readers! My name is Maddi! It’s my very first post on this blog so I’m super excited to get started! 🙂

I’ve noticed in my church that a lot of people sing with a blank stare at the screen ahead. When I’m singing on the stage it’s fairly easy to notice. What I’d like to get at today is we have to remember who we are singing to and for. We are singing to God, a God so BIG and so strong, powerful and mighty. He’s majestic and beautiful. He deserves our praise and worship. And Jesus, our sweet, sweet savior died for us so that we, sinners, didn’t have to. That’s a HUGE sacrifice, people. He loves us that much. So I believe that true worship should be intimate, Holy Spirit-filled, and Jesus-centered. A giant thank you moment to Him. A moment when we don’t care about what others think about you right then because your hands are in the air and you’re all in.

For me, worship is how I can truly connect to God. I get so into that moment when I can actually feel Him with me in that room. His presence is so beautiful and I find that it’s super hard to sing through tears. I cannot explain the feeling. It’s like, the best feeling ever. Enough for me to be in a full out cry! Every night in bed I listen to my favorite singer, Kari Jobe, in my headphones. I’m always sobbing by the time my clock urges me to close my eyes and get some rest. A few of the songs by KJ I listen to every night are Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest), My Beloved, How Majestic, Forever, Joyfully, One Desire, Keeper of My Heart, Lord Over All, Look Upon the Lord and Steady My Heart. I love them all!

Kj yellow and teal

I love my Kari!!! 😀

I really hope that this post inspired you. Sometime I’d like to share with you my dream career!


Have a peaceful evening!